Is the iPad Mini the “Real iPad”?

Quite a number of users have started calling the iPad Mini the “real iPad”, and that it is the iPad Apple really should have made. But the thing is, this new iPad is so good because it is emerging from the shadow of the 9.7-inch iPad. Having had the full-sized iPad for so long, people are better able to appreciate the reduction in size and weight that the Mini brings. But “real” is a personal opinion.

Harry Marks:

The “real” anything is whatever the user needs and for me, the iPad mini is less “real” than the 9.7-inch model. […]

The iPad mini is a fantastic device and while I only had a few minutes to try one, I understand the appeal. Most users don’t need a full-sized iPad. They need a thin and light digital paperback. But I’m not most users. For me, the “real” iPad is the larger model.

I used the iPad 1 for a number of years, and I had the iPad 4 for a week. I loved both, and the 4’s Retina display was gorgeous. But stopping by an Apple store and holding the iPad Mini in my hands for all of five seconds was all it took to convince me, and I promptly exchanged my iPad 4 for an iPad Mini.

I have an iPhone 5 and a Retina MacBook Pro, so I’ll definitely miss the sharpness of the Retina display. But for my current use case, I think the Mini might be my “real” iPad from now on.