Quantifying the Impending iOS 6 Maps Backlash

Michael Degusta, The Understatement:

In iOS 6, Apple no longer uses Google’s traffic, transit, or street view features, switching instead to their own traffic data, and adding turn-by-turn navigation and a 3D Flyover view. As a result, features will be lost in dozens of countries. […]

In total, 63 countries with a combined population of 4.5 billion people will be without one or more of these features they previously had in iOS. Apple is risking upsetting 65% of the world’s population, seemingly without much greater purpose than speeding the removal of their rival Google from iOS. Few consumers care about such battles though, nor should they have to.

Wouldn’t be a problem if I were in Brunei. But since I rely on the bus here in Honolulu, transit directions are the one thing I’ll miss. Here’s hoping Apple comes up with a solution sooner rather than later. Or that Google releases a dedicated maps app. In the mean time, Google’s web app will have to suffice.


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