The Camera You Have With You

Marco Arment:

As part of my 2012 computer-setup shuffle, I also replaced my laptop with a Retina MacBook Pro, and the first thing it screams for is a high-resolution desktop wallpaper. Great, I thought, I’ll just use one of my photos. […]

Almost nothing I’ve shot since 2010 is usable.

The Rebel photos look decent. The 5D Mark II photos look great. But photos from the iPhone 4, and even from the 4S, don’t hold up. They look fine on a 3.5-inch screen, but they look terrible on my big desktop monitor and abysmal on the Retina MacBook Pro.

This article got me thinking because I enjoy Instagram and I’ve got my eye on the Retina MacBook Pro. It made me consider my own habits as a amateur ‘iphoneographer’. With the advent of  a good camera in the iPhone 4, I was finally able to take photos that I was happy with. But I kind of agree with Marco—I was usually quite satisfied with most of the photos I took on my iPhone… until I saw them on my PC screen.

But after thinking about it, I’ve decided that convenience wins out over resolution; nothing beats constantly having a camera on my person. Plus I quite enjoy the pseudo-exclusivity that accompanies posting on Instagram. The photos are meant to be seen on that small Retina display; Facebook, Twitter and a conventional full-sized PC screen are secondary consumption modes.

With that in mind, I don’t think I’ll mind quite as much when I finally get my hands on a Retina MBP. Plus, the iPhone 5 will probably see another improvement in its camera, so things won’t look quite so fuzzy.


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