What Size Will the iPhone 5 Be?

Last week, an article on The Verge started the Internets buzzing about the future iPhone’s updated look. In a nutshell, the rumour was that it would be longer but stay the same width, i.e. a 16:9 aspect ratio. John Gruber pointed out that he thought this was more than just a rumour. Marco Arment chimed in and stated that a 3:2 aspect ratio was still better.

Dan Provost takes a look at both sides and sums it up nicely:

I see these as Apple’s three feasible options: keep the screen as is, bump to 16:9 but retain a 326dpi resolution, or increase the screen size while maintaing the 960×640 resolution. I hope they go with option 3, but chairman Gruber makes methinks option 2 is more likely.

Either way, the only thing that’s certain at this point is that the next iPhone will be seeing a redesign. And whatever form it takes is sure to be a winner.


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