iPhone 4S Feature Rundown

So, the Let’s Talk iPhone event just ended. And what did we get? An iPhone 4S, which I’m sure is a disappointment to those who were hoping for a 5. It seems Apple stuck to its own natural release progression — iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and now iPhone 4S.

But here’s the thing — despite being similar on the outside, on the inside it has got significant improvements.

  • Speed. The A5 chip has made its way into the iPhone 4S. And it’s dual-core, which means it’s twice as powerful, with dual-core graphics, meaning it’s 7x faster than its predecessor. Oh, and also much faster data speeds.
  • Camera. The iPhone 4S has an 8-megapixel (up from the 5MP in the iPhone 4). Better light-handling, a third faster when shooting photos, image resolution now up to 3264X2448, and now shoots 1080p HD video.
  • Siri. This voice-activated intelligent assistant was quite the showstopper. You can ask it anything, conversationally, and it’ll react in realtime. Ask, “What’s the weather like tomorrow?” and it’ll show you a forecast, or “How do I get home from here?” and it’ll bring up a route in the Maps app. You can ask Siri to read messages, and even dictate and send replies. It can look up contacts, create notes and e-mails, set alarms and reminders, check and create calendar appointments, check time in different countries, and even search Wikipedia. This is probably iPhone 4S exclusive though. Bummer.
  • Battery. Even with all the new improvements, the iPhone 4S actually has better battery life.
  • Storage. Along with the usual 16GB and 32GB, it now comes in 64GB.

It’ll be launching on October 14th, and is schedule to be released worldwide by the end of the year.

Honorable mentions: iOS 5 will be released on October 12th. Yay!

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