Facebook Is Getting Too Damn Complicated

I mentioned more than once how Facebook keeps changing and how that can get on users’ nerves. It just seems that they’re always adding features just when users have gotten used to the previous ones.

Chris Taylor, Mashable:

The engineers — and it is a company top-heavy with engineers, starting with Zuckerberg himself — can’t wait to thrill you with their latest feature. And they’re constantly looking over their shoulders at what Google+ is developing.

That all adds up to a dangerous mindset. It ignores the fact that most users just want to post a status update and read what their friends are up to. It treats casual visitors as if they were power users. I agree with my colleague Christina Warren that few people are likely to quit Facebook just yet, or not enough to matter. But that doesn’t mean they won’t get frustrated, confused, and less likely to visit. In less time than you might think, that will open up opportunities for rivals.

G+, maybe?


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