Why We Use Facebook Even Though It Annoys Us

Being on Facebook is like living with a girlfriend who, whenever you come home from work, you discover has changed the wallpaper. Or the carpet. Or the kitchen sink. Again. Twice. Because she got bored of the colour or she wanted a different fabric or the sink wasn’t working right and had a water flow that wasn’t effective or feng shui enough or something.

And of course, you get royally pissed off, but she just sits on the couch, puts ear muffs on and reads Cosmo and totally acts like this isn’t the first time she’s changed something you like and that nothing’s wrong and that you aren’t threatening to leave her if she doesn’t bring back your normal sink you’ve been using for ages and have enjoyed using just fine, thank you very much.

And after all the bitching and moaning is done, you sulk for a few days, then finally just decide to live with the new wallpaper/carpet/sink because let’s face it — you were never gonna leave her anyway. She’s hot. And she lets you put as many pictures on the walls as you want. Plus most of your friends like her. Even though they also hate the new wallpaper/carpet/sink and totally agree with you when you bitch about it with them.

The worst part? You just know she’s gonna change something again soon.


One thought on “Why We Use Facebook Even Though It Annoys Us

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