Why Google+ Is So Uncluttered Right Now

Harry McCracken, writing for TIME.com:

Right now, Google+ has a Garden of Eden feel about it, especially compared to the overdeveloped, uncontrolled sprawl of Facebook. It’s inhabited primarily by Google+ enthusiasts who spend most of their time praising the service and suggesting ways to make it even better. Celebs and big-name brands have yet to discover the place, and there are no distant cousins sharing videos of windsurfing pigs or allowing FarmVille to pelt their relatives with auto-generated crop updates. Actually, there’s no auto-generated anything on Google+: it consists entirely of items intentionally put there by a human being, which gives it a refreshingly humane, handcrafted flavor.

I really hope that when the masses stream in, we don’t get a deluge of useless content. No Zynga spam, please.



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