Humans + Gears: Xenogears ReMixed

Shaun Wallace (a.k.a. Avaris):

Humans and Gears was a lengthy undertaking. The project began in the summer of 2006. Many Xenogears arrangement albums have been released in the past. The albums tries to re-envision the soundtrack in a new yet familiar way. We set out to create two unique albums in one. The first album features songs with a focus on natural elements and a “Human” touch. The second album is dark in tone and electronic in texture, symbolising the fear and destruction of “Gears.” Artists were given complete creative freedom to express and reimagine the game in a new sonic format. We hope the listeners relive part of the amazing story and music that is Xenogears through this album.

Those of us who played Xenogears remember it as one of the best RPGs on the original PlayStation, and quite arguably one of the most epic RPGs ever on any platform. As incredible and complex as Xenogears’ story was, its music was just as engaging. The mark of great music is whether listening to it years down the line can still evoke faded memories and past emotions, and Mitsuda Yasunori did an amazing job in that regard.

The albums are free to download; download each song individually, or through a torrent for the whole album. If you loved Xenogears at all, you should get this album.



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