Why Yo Momma Won’t Use Google+

Robert Scoble:

So, you getting where I’m going with this? Google+ is for the passionate users of tech. If you just want to sit back and have the system do all the work (which means it’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for most people) then Facebook is gonna be where you stay, especially since your friends are gonna lock you in for quite some time. But if you want to really be able to choose who you listen to, then Google+ is much better.

For now, it really does seem that all the people in my Circles are of the tech-savvy variety. I made the point earlier that G+ seems to incorporate elements and principles from Facebook and Twitter, as well as the failed Google Wave. The overall experience has been quite good thus far. So I think that even those who aren’t “passionate users of tech” will still be able to appreciate and enjoy G+, even if they might not fully grasp the intricacies of how or why it works.



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