Video Games and Kids: How Young Is Too Young?

Ethan Gilsdorf, Wired:

To me, the issue isn’t about fears that games instill violent behavior, but rather that videogames are usurping the power of more conventional toys. There may be merits to shielding boys and girls . . . from their digital futures, at least temporarily, if kids can first learn to amuse themselves without automatically reaching for a game controller.

The truck, the toy sword, the soccer ball, the sandbox, the board game, the pad of paper, the book: All can be as magical and entrancing as anything a game studio can cook up. Perhaps this is the rule of thumb: Once a love of non-digital play is instilled in young minds and habits, then let kids run free through the wild world of pixels.

I remember running around outside when I was a kid, exploring things, making the most of what was around me. Had the time of my life. Didn’t even need any technology.



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