Turntable.fm: Music Gets Social

I’ve been playing around on Turntable.fm recently. You can join different rooms, most themed around a particular music genre. Each room has five DJ spaces and you can hop onto a free one to be part of the DJ queue, or just stand in the crowd and enjoy the music. Take note: DJ here refers to the radio-type DJs, not the creative-techno type.

Everyone is a potential DJ and has a list they can add songs to. Turntable has a large library of songs you can add to your list, which is as simple as searching for the artist or song and clicking the plus button. When the spotlight lands on you, the first song in your list gets played.

The social bits come in different forms, like the chatbox or the ability to ‘fan’ a DJ. But the main social feature is the Lame/Awesome gauge; anyone listening can click ‘Lame’ or ‘Awesome’ to vote on your song choice (or not click anything at all if they’re apathetic). Every time someone clicks ‘Awesome’, you get a DJ point; the more you have, the more avatars you can choose from.

But what about too many ‘Lame’ votes?

Ross Dawson:

If the balance swings too far down, the song is voted off and the channel skips to the next song. It is similar to the skip on other web radio, except it requires collective opinion.

This creates interesting dynamics across the rooms, converging music taste, established cliques voting off newcomers or voting up their friends, and a good reason to discuss in the chat panel why you like the music or not. It is at the heart of what makes the music social.

I usually frequent the RockStation room. By far the most epic moment was when we all sang (or typed) along to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Update: So, it has been blocked for non-US users. Well, it was fun while it lasted.


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