#OurBrunei: A Cursory Look

So, I’d say last night’s #OurBrunei event was quite the big success. Here’s a graph from Trendistic showing the timeline.

Throughout the day there were a few tweets here and there, showing the graph rise a tiny bit in the early stages. Then when 8p.m. Brunei time rolled around, there was a sharp spike as many of us tweeted up a storm (a monsoon?) and saw our feeds—not to mention the feeds of everyone who followed us—get flooded with a deluge of #OurBrunei tags. As the event continued, many of us abruptly stopped tweeting as we hit our status update limits.

The storm mostly subsided about three hours later as people went off to bed. At around 10p.m., this is what the global trend map looked like.

It was awesome to see Bruneians around the world joining in. Really gave you a warm patriotic feeling. I especially like how the #OurBrunei tag is so huge it covers up the entire island of Borneo, Malaysia, Singapore and half of the Philippines.

There were two odd but nifty occurrences though. Firstly, there were many tweets reporting that the term ‘Bruneian’ trended for a few brief moments. Not too sure exactly how that happened. Secondly, our very own BruneiTweet, who started the whole #OurBrunei thing, trended in Australia.

All in all, I don’t think we actually got #OurBrunei to trend worldwide, but from what I hear we at least trended regionally. At the end of the day, I reassured BruneiTweet that we all joined this event because we love Brunei, not because we really wanted the trending topic. The flood of #OurBrunei tweets shows how much Bruneians adore their country and their people, and we were able to prove it on Twitter.

BruneiTweet is in the final stages of revamping the ProjekBrunei site for its first year anniversary, but expect a more comprehensive update on the #OurBrunei Twitter event soon. Make sure to follow him on Twitter, and if you have any screenshots showing Brunei/Bruneian/#OurBrunei trending, tweet him!

Update: BruneiTweet has posted his own update on the event.


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