iMessage is bad for RIM

I remember watching the WWDC 2011 keynote when iMessage was revealed and explained. My immediate thought was, ‘Take that, RIM.’ Whereas the iPhone has a number of third-party instant messaging apps, BlackBerry users’ one real advantage has been BlackBerry Messenger. By all accounts, it’s a great service. But RIM’s stock is plunging, and it recently announced layoffs.

Ed Sutherland for Cult of Mac:

BlackBerry Messenger was RIM’s best selling point, even attracting teens to the device usually found in corporations rather than college campuses. Now iMessage is “effectively identical,” making lame the pony from Waterloo. Even worse, RIM limped into the smartphone market too late and too limited.

“Consumers now want phones that provide a broad selection of software and services,” Needham & Company analyst Charlie Wolf told investors Friday. “What do you do when your one trick no longer works?” he asks.

What do you do indeed. Well, you find another trick. Or maybe just call it a day and close up shop.



One thought on “iMessage is bad for RIM

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