Brunei Needs Aggressive Tourism Marketing

Ubaidillah Masli, The Brunei Times:

“Even among tourism professionals, not everyone knows about the product that you have, and you have a fantastic product,” UNWTO’s regional director for Asia-Pacific told The Brunei Times.

“Without doing the necessary, preparatory work of raising awareness internationally, then it is very difficult for people to naturally come this way, because there are competing destinations,” Xu Jing said.

When people ask me what there is to do in Brunei, I’m sort of unsure how to answer. I always fall back on my belief that Brunei is a great place to raise a family and one of those places people go to ‘get away from it all’. And in terms of eco-tourism, it’s brilliant; Temburong is an awesome district to visit.

Besides that niche market and the up-and-coming boom in foodie indulgences, Brunei’s charm is kind of hard to pinpoint. But we definitely could do with more tourists though. The only question is what to do with them once they come.



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